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Our Additional Health Professionals

General practice plays a leading role in every Primary Care Network (PCN), seeing bigger teams of health professionals working together in local communities.

Our practice has now a number of different additional team members as a result. They are highly trained and professionally autonomous practitioners who offer additional specialist advice and support to our patients.

Faisal ChowdhuryClinical Pharmacist
Thomas McCannCommunity Paramedic
Philip HodgkinsonClinical Pharmacist
Nidhi KotwalkarFirst Contact Physiotherapist
Reha OswalFirst Contact Physiotherapist

On many occasions, the reasons for contacting us have nothing to do with physical illness. This could be due to bereavement, social and housing problems, or just wanting to have someone to talk to. As part of our PCN initiative, we have a great team of Social Prescribers, who are always ready to help.

Katy Lead Social Prescriber
Rejwan Senior Social Prescriber
NohoraSocial Prescriber
RabiaSocial Prescriber
MariumSocial Prescriber